Save time and money on hosting

Your time is valuable. Let us take care of setting up your domains, hosting, and email. You’ll save money in the long run anyway.


We charge a little more than the discount hosting providers like GoDaddy. But if you look at the fine print under their introductory prices, you’ll see that after the first year you’ll be paying more than you thought, and getting inferior services and horrible support. We know… we used to be GoDaddy customers. You’re better off paying us a little more, getting better service, and letting us take care of the details.


Simplify Web Host

Domain names

Pricing varies based on the Top Level Domain used (.com domain shown for comparison).

$15 /year

You have to register it and set it up yourself.

$25 /year

We set up everything for you. You own the domain name.

Add to total price:


Hides your name, address, phone, and email from public records.

$10 /year

You have to set up and update the privacy account yourself.


We set up everything for you.

Secure certificate

Encrypts the data from your site to the browser and shows a secure padlock. Helps Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if your site has a login or if visitors enter info in forms.

$70 /year

You have to submit business information and wait for verification before you can install your certificate.

$60 /year

We can instantly set up a secure certificate for your site without any action from you.

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Web hosting

Includes the server hardware and software that handles requests for Web pages and files (Linux servers and PHP server-side scripting language shown).

$12 / month

You have to set up your account and install/upload your Website yourself or pay someone to do it.

$25 /month

We set up your hosting account and Website for you. We fix any server problems ourselves. And we keep our servers up-to-date with the fastest and most secure software (see Advantages below).

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Business class email accounts

Secure, encrypted, server storage, and POP or IMAP support. More reliable than bargain Web hosting email accounts.

$5 /month each

After introductory discount. 5 GB storage per account

$5 /month each

25 GB storage per account

Add to total price:

Daily off-site backup

Store your Website data on a different server in case of disaster or data loss.

Not available

You can automatically backup your site files for $2 /month, but they’re still stored on GoDaddy’s servers. If they go down, you’re on your own. If you want to store your data somewhere else, you have to manually download a backup or pay their support staff $75 to do it.

$10 /month off-site backup

We automatically backup a full version of your data every day to a remote data center in a different part of the country. Snapshots can be restored from earlier versions if needed.

Add to total price:

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Serves pages for your high-traffic site from distributed data centers in geographical areas closer to your visitors for faster loading.

$49 /month

CDN is an included feature in the SiteLock product.

$50 / month

We recommend KeyCDN to deliver your pages from 5 different regions (up to 250GB). Higher volumes are available based on traffic.

Add to total price:

Estimated total monthly cost:

$ (average)



We keep our servers updated with the latest, most secure, and fastest technology, unlike the discount hosting companies, who are always several years behind. And we don't overload our servers with hundreds of clients. You get priority performance and service.


Simplify Web Host

Server software

This is the software that handles the requests for Web content from a visitor's browser.

Apache + HTTP/1

They use Apache server software, which is older and slower.

Nginx + HTTP/2

We use newer server software that is designed for reliability and speed. HTTP/2 technology speeds up page loads.

Static Content Caching

Caching quickly serves a saved copy of frequently requested content without having to perform time-consuming operations like querying a database.


Their page requests take longer to handle because the server needs to connect to the script and database for each page.


We can set up your site to cache and quickly serve static files so they don't take any processing. We also set the browser cache so that the same page isn’t loaded several times.

DDoS-protected DNS

Using our DNS service for your domain name nameservers protects your Website from Distributed Denial of Service attacks.


A DDoS attack can take down your entire site and hosted email.


Your site and email stays up and running 24/7.

Up-time and error monitoring

Continual monitoring of your Website availability and errors.


They will monitor the server to make sure it’s running, but they don’t care whether your site is working for your customers or not.


We monitor your site 24/7 to make sure it’s working properly. Errors are logged and we are notified so we can fix the problem right away without bothering you.

Knowledgeable support

When you have problems with your Website, you want to tell a live person who knows how things are set up and can fix it right away for you.


The tech support people you will talk to are reading off a script. They will have to submit their own ticket to the technicians who actually know how to fix the problem.


When you call or email us, you are talking with the person who set up and manages the server. We’ll fix the problem without making you stay on the line for hours.

Email support

Email a support request without taking time for a phone conversation.


If you have a problem, you have to call or chat and stay online with them while they try to figure out the problem.


If you have a problem, fire off an email to let us know and then get back to work. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

One monthly bill

Simple billing that's easy to understand and quick to pay.


In addition to your monthly invoices, they will send you annual invoices at various times through the year.


We combine all your services into one monthly bill that’s automatically charged to your credit card.

Hosting control panel

A feature where you can login and directly control the server settings.


You can spend hours making changes to your hosting account and mess things up all by yourself. Then spend more time begging GoDaddy to fix it for you.


We make any changes to your hosting account ourselves. It’s better for everyone that way :-)